About the NFM Car Park

The 24-hour parking lot located by the National Forum of Music offers as many as 662 parking spaces, including spaces for the disabled.
Entrance to the parking located at Wolności Square is from Krupnicza Street or Kazimierza Wielkiego Street (through Zamkowa Street), and exit towards Świdnicka Street (through H. Modrzejewska Street) or towards Kazimierza Wielkiego Street.
The perfect location allows you to park your car in a safe place and go straight from the parking lot to one of the most modern buildings housing the National Forum of Music. Additionally, a direct elevator from the parking lot allows us to go to pl. Wolności Street.
We offer attractive prices for short-term parking, as well as permanent parking around the clock.

24/7 Comprehensive customer service – we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


The car park is equipped with a system of surveillance cameras and intercoms. Additionally, the car park is under constant supervision of the building security.

Payment is made at the automatic payment machines by card or cash.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Security Security Show

Is the parking lot monitored?
Yes, the car park has a video surveillance system that can be accessed by the staff of the car park

Is the car park guarded?
The car park is not guarded. It is supervised and equipped with a video surveillance system.


Parking Parking Show

What are the car park’s opening hours?
The car park is open 24/7, 7 days a week.

Where can I find information on parking fees?
The price list is available at the entrance to the car park and at the automatic payment machines located at the entrance/exit (Powiśle street). You can also check the prices here.

How do I get to the car park?
The entrance to the parking lot is from Krupnicza Street or Kazimierza Wielkiego Street (via Zamkowa Street) and the exit is in the direction of Świdnicka Street (via H. Modrzejewska Street) or towards Kazimierza Wielkiego Street. Straight from the parking lot you can go directly to the NFM building or take an elevator to Wolności Square.

What should I do if while paying, my money got stuck in the automatic payment machine?
Please report the problem via the intercom located at the automatic payment machine. You will then be instructed further.

Can persons with disabilities park free of charge?
There are disabled parking spaces in the parking lot. Parking in these spaces is charged as in other spaces.

What is the maximum height of a car entering the car park?
The maximum permissible height of the car is 1.9 metres.

Are electric car charging stations available in the car park?
Yes, there are 18 places to charge electric cars in the car park.
Cars are charged via the EloCity application available for download in the App Store or Google Play. Complaints, payments, settlements, invoices, comprehensive service are carried out by EloCity. All technical information is available at the EloCity number: +48 22 290 79 92 or by e-mail: support@elo.city  The price valid from 02/10/2023 is PLN 1.80 gross per kWh. We encourage you to check the prices at our charging stations each time via the EloCity application, as they may change.

Are LPG cars allowed in the car park?
Yes, it is possible to park LPG cars in this car park.

What should I do if I lose my parking ticket?
If you lose your ticket, report to the Customer Service Office located at the exit from the car park or use the intercom at the automatic payment machines and contact the car park staff. The additional fee for a lost ticket is PLN 100.


Subscriptions and paymentsSubscriptions and paymentsShow

What are the prices of parking subscriptions?
There are a variety of subscriptions available at the parking lot to suit many driver needs. For more details, please fill out the subscription request form.

How do I pay for parking?
You can pay at the automated ticket office by cash or card. It is also possible to pay the ticket at the exit column from the parking lot.

Where and when do I pay for parking?
Before leaving the parking lot, take your ticket to one of the automatic ticket machines. Once you have paid, you still have 15 minutes to leave the parking lot.

How do I get a parking subscription?
You can purchase a subscription on the website by filling out the form.

How do I get a receipt after I have paid?
You can get a receipt when you pay at the automated pay station by selecting the appropriate button when you pay for your ticket. If you forget, you can insert the paid ticket again in any automatic cash register and press “delayed receipt”.

Do you issue invoices for parking?
If you want to receive an invoice, a receipt is necessary. Please send a scan of it to bok@interparking.com along with the information on what details we should issue the invoice. The invoice can be obtained immediately at the Customer Service Office.

Is free parking possible?
Free parking is not possible.


Service Service Show

Can I reserve a parking place?
Parking space reservations can be made online through the nfm.parking.co.uk website under the Reserve tab.

I had to extend my stay in the parking lot. What should I do?
If your purchased time has been exceeded, first go to the automatic cashier and insert your ticket. You will be able to pay the remaining amount for parking at the regular rate. Once you have paid, you can leave the parking lot by placing your ticket in the exit column.

Is there an attendant in the parking lot?
In case of technical problems, contact the attendants via the intercom. The buttons are located on the entry column, exit column and automated ticket office. An attendant is located at the Customer Service Desk. If you have additional questions, please call or write. You can find contact information here.


Would you like to learn more?

Download the parking terms and conditions

Please submit all complaints regarding our services using the complaint form.

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